What to Expect

Word of God

The primary thing you should expect at Lehigh Valley Presbyterian is to hear the Word of God. We take the Scripture very seriously: we do weekly readings from the Old Testament, the Psalms, the Epistles and the Gospels, in addition to the sermon text. At LVPC, you will hear expository preaching that always points to Christ.


We practice the two sacraments that Jesus instituted: baptism, and the Lord’s Supper. We believe that the Lord is truly, spiritually present in both sacraments. We celebrate weekly communion, and we use real wine (like Jesus did… except we get ours out of a box, not a wineskin!)

Worship style

At LVPC, we practice a liturgical style of worship, with call and response, prayers, hymns and creeds. We stand to sing, we kneel to confess our sin, we stand again to recite the Psalm, and also when the Gospel is read. It can feel like a bit of a workout, and also very busy for a newcomer! But we believe worship is not meant to be a performance by the people up front, but something ALLof God’s people are called to participate in. The entire service is included in our bulletin each week, to make it easier to follow along. We believe what Jesus promised in Matthew 18:20 – that when we are gathered in worship, He is truly with us, and we are therefore truly in the presence of God!

Children in worship

We believe that the best way for children to learn how to worship is by being in worship, so we welcome children of all ages into our services. But we also know that participating in worship can be challenging with a busy baby or toddler, so nursery care is available on Sunday mornings. The nursery is downstairs, first classroom on the right.


Sunday School is from 9:45 to 10:45, and the Sunday worship service typically lasts about an hour and a half (from 11:00 to around 12:30).


Parking is available in the lot of Christ Lutheran Church, accessible from Hamilton St, on the south side, between 13th St. and Jefferson St. (see map)

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